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This site is for Phone Sex Operators "PSO" for short. More specifically Independent Phone Sex Operators. An independent Phone Sex Operator is a person who is self employed as a phone sex actress. If you currently work as a phone sex actress for someone else and want to venture out on your own you will find the resources provided here helpful. If you are already an independent phone sex operator you will also find some of the links and information her beneficial.

If you have never been a professional phone sex actress and by "Professional" I mean "Paid" to provide phonesex  services but are interested in working in this field you will find the resources here helpful, but I encourage you to first seek work with a good phone sex service as an employee or contractor and also as a Nite Flirt girl. Here are a few links to some employment sites looking for phonesex actresses. After you have several months under your belt and have experienced some of the strange and weird and bizarre type calls (sorry girls it's not like talking to your boy friend late at night) and have adjusted to working from home and feel that you are successful in this business and have that entrepreneurial spirit
* and wish to work for your self then come back and explore the many resources that are available here.


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*What is that entrepreneurial spirit as it relates to the phone sex industry? First and foremost it is the desire to be successful in this business and doing what it take to be successful. Being successful in this business is not just talking dirty and getting guys off over the phone. Sure you must be able to provide a great service and treat your callers well so they will call you back. ( Making good money is all about returning clients ) The other half of this business is Marketing Marketing Marketing! When your not talking on the phone you need to be marketing. The internet is the cheapest, craziest but most effective way to market your phone sex service. It's also the most dynamic marketing tool as it is constantly changing. What works today may not work tomorrow or next week but in 6 months it will. The key is persistence. So pick the marketing methods you like and work for you and keep working on them. Notice I said methods plural. Work as many marketing methods as you can, give great phone sex service and build that client base and before you know it you will have a steady stream of calls and the income you want.


Help enough people get what they want and you will get what you want!  -- Zig Ziglar

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